BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
.: Changelog :.

  • Fixed broken $BBC_KILL_STATS switch (Olliver)
  • Fixed broken removal of stale lockfiles (Olliver)
  • Fixed broken Google image search (Olliver)
  • Fixed phantom connections in detailed stats on servers with unreliable file locking (Olliver)
  • Removed unnecessary variable grabbing for MacOs X (Olliver)
  • Updated Hatena (Olliver)

  • Fixed $BBC_PURGE_SINGLE adding "not_specified" again :-( (Olliver)

  • Fixed visits sometimes appearing with the server's address on MacOsX (Olliver)
  • Fixed possible file corruption issue with buffered data (Olliver)
  • Fixed missing search engine keywords on servers with broken iconv (Olliver)
  • Fixed BBClone missing out on keywords of various search engines (Olliver)
  • Fixed BBClone not returning the approprate country if genuine visitors from countries known as generic extensions (like "to", "st" or "ag") pass by (Olliver)
  • Rewrote file writing to work around some broken PHP versions which would mess up stats files otherwise (Olliver)

  • Use the last visit for calculating the visit length if there's no other value (Olliver)
  • Only point to the referrer's root directory in our listing (Olliver)
  • Add each new referrer and keywords we get during a visit to our listing and display their changes in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • Indicate user agent changes if $BBC_IGNORE_AGENT is activated in detailed stats (Olliver)
  • Removed useless "not specified" entry from referrer listing (Olliver)
  • Open external referrers and show_views link in detailed stats in new browser window (Olliver)
  • Use one common set of functions for all file operations to reduce code redundency (Olliver)
  • Don't run update loops over and over again (Olliver)
  • Use file() for reading counter files because it appears to be faster (Olliver)
  • Added reset option for keywords, referrers, pages and hosts (Olliver)
  • Added support for rel="nofollow" tag to make referrer spam effectively useless (Olliver)
  • Added an underscore to architecture detection, so ia_64 can be properly displayed (Luke Woodward)
  • Revived Traditional Chinese translation (Peter Hou)
  • Updated Czech translation (Pavel Trefil)
  • Updated Danish translation (Paul Bischoff)
  • Fixed a couple of broken detection rules and added new ones (Olliver)
  • Code cleanups (Olliver)
  • Documentation updates (Olliver)
  • Icon updates (Olliver)
  • Ip2ext fixes (Olliver)

  • Removed html entities decoding feature because it causes errors on some PHP configurations (Olliver)
  • Fixed b0rked table width with Internet Explorer in global stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed height of each bar in time stats (Olliver)
  • Fixed Goo and Spurlbot detection (Olliver)
  • Separate notice for ip2ext (Olliver)
  • ip2ext update (Olliver)