BBClone - A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids
.: Changelog :.

0.4.4 RC1
  • Fixed broken paths in page ranking on some servers (Olliver)
  • Fixed keywords not found in image searches (Olliver)
  • Leave BBClone's comments turned off by default (Olliver)
  • Regard User Agent changes as new visit by default (Olliver)
  • Strip non alpha numeric characters at the beginning or end of a keyword (Olliver)
  • Convert keywords to UTF-8 if an encoding charset was given (Olliver)
  • Extended the scope of $BBC_IGNORE_REFER to the whole path instead the hostname only (Olliver)
  • Added a lot of missing country flags (Luke Woodward)
  • Use UTF-8 for all translations (Olliver)
  • Removed Traditional Chinese because it's broken beyond repair (Olliver)
  • Updated Japanese translation (Katsunori Shiota)
  • Updated Bulgarian translation (Martin Halachev)
  • Huge detection rules update (mostly Japanese bots) (Olliver)
  • Updated ip2ext database (Olliver)

  • Fixed some invalid ip2ext database entries and added new ranges (Olliver)
  • Fixed occurence of unwanted slashes with some php configurations (Olliver)
  • Fixed Digital and Tru64 version number detection (Olliver)
  • Fixed PalmOs detection (Olliver)
  • Don't list search engine cache indicator as keyword (Olliver)
  • Limit keyword length to 50 chars (Olliver)
  • Make keywords work with Mat'Kurja, too (Olliver)
  • Updated the reserved ip ranges published by IANA in lib/marker.php (Olliver)
  • Removed "not_specified" stuff for top hosts listing (Olliver)
  • Emphasize hits and unique visits on bottom of the global stats (Olliver)
  • More robot additions (Olliver)

0.4.3 RC2
  • Fixed empty keywords being added to the ranking (Olliver)
  • Fixed WWWC being considered a browser though it's a robot (Olliver)
  • Don't add a new keyword unless it has at least 3 characters (Olliver)
  • Added handling for $HTTP_PC_REMOTE_ADDR to make MacOs servers happy (Olliver)
  • Added handling for non existing entries in our rules (Olliver)

0.4.3 RC1
  • Fixed wrong score of unknown referrers (Olliver)
  • Fixed wrong file name of Swedish translation (Olliver)
  • Fixed notices on a fresh install due to a missing check (Olliver)
  • Fixed MacOsX being identified as Windows (Olliver)
  • Fixed a lot of wrong entries in ip2ext database (Olliver)
  • New Feature: Top keywords from search engines (Olliver)
  • Added quite a few new detection rules (Olliver)
  • Added some missing flags (Luke Woodward)
  • Referrer related processing as separate file (lib/referrer.php) (Olliver)
  • Modified global stats output (Olliver)
  • Updated ip2ext database (Olliver)
  • Updated Italian translation (Daniele Raffo)
  • Updated Catalan translation (Oriol Torra Sellares)

  • Fixed missing error message if var/ isn't writable on Win32 (Olliver)
  • Fixed some detection rules (Olliver)
  • Fixed spelling errors in Dutch and German translation (Olliver)
  • Limit maximum accepted input to 512 bytes (Olliver)
  • Read counter files and ip2ext data line by line (Olliver)
  • Cleaned up a lot of code ugliness (Olliver)
  • Don't forcefully implode data in lib/marker.php (Olliver)
  • Removed useless code fragment in lib/marker.php (Olliver)
  • Removed "Verdana" as font in html.php (Olliver)
  • Updated ip2ext database (Olliver)